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Executive Team
Consultant Team

Executive Team

As an integral backbone to FreshSight's operations, executives oversee all projects, while providing all resources and necessary training to help consultants execute strategic and quality solutions for our clients.

Alexander Zouravlioff, Co - Director

Alex is a third year Queen's Commerce student, originally from Toronto, Ontario. This is Alex's second year on FreshSight; he previously occupied both the consultant and senior consultant role, before taking on the role of managing director in March. Over the summer, Alex worked with the Heart and Stroke Foundation to develop a fundraising initiative that was designed to drive donations and brand affinity with the university demographic. This winter, Alex will be headed Nice, France on exchange for four months until mid April. Alex is an avid guitar player, and you can often find him playing various sports with his housemates and close friends in his spare time.

Matas Sriubiskis, Co - Director

Matas is a fourth year Applied Economic student currently on internship with a venture he co-founded, RockMass Technologies. He is currently a Co-director of FreshSight after joining three years ago, and has held both consultant and executive positions. Matas is experienced in computer programming and financial analysis, and in his spare time he enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and learning new skills.

Nick Reed, Operations Director

Nick is a third year business student at Queen's University. Over the past three years, he has fulfilled roles including: Consultant, Senior Consultant, and his current role of Operations Director. This past summer, he interned as a Venture Analyst at Northumberland CFDC. In this role, Nick conducted due dilligence on early-stage investment deals and executed internal business analysis for the firm. In a professional capacity, he has an insatiable desire to understand the fundamental incentives driving people, organizations, and society. Nick is an avid snowboarder, enjoys drinking coffee, and has found a new hobby in reading stoic philosophy.

Felipe Moretzsohn, IT Director, Senior Consultant

Originally from Brighton, Nick is currently in his second year of study at the Smith School of Business. Since joining FSQ in September of 2014, he has progressed from First Year Intern to his current role as Director of Client Acquisition & Relations and Senior Consultant. Outside of FSQ, Nick is on the founding team of Queen’s Venture Capital Club – the first Canadian organization which aims to connect student ventures with necessary resources. Nick also is currently working independently with various early-stage ventures to optimize their customer acquisition strategy. Outside the realm of business, he enjoys learning about clean-energy tech and spending time on the slopes.

Liz Currie, Senior Consultant

Originally from Toronto, Liz is currently in her third year at the Smith School of Business. Since joining FSQ in 2015, she has progressed from Logistics Director and Consultant to her current role as Senior Consultant. Apart from FreshSight, Liz also serves as an Analyst for Queen’s Energy and Commodities Association. This past summer Liz worked as a Pricing Analyst for BMO Capital Markets, and next summer will be working as an Investment Banking Analyst at CIBC. This winter she will be attending the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Outside the realm of business, Liz is an avid skier and enjoys the outdoors.

Marlon Bass, Senior Consultant

Originally from Toronto, Marlon is a fourth year student at the Queen's Smith School of Business. Since joining FreshSight in 2015 as a consultant, Marlon has worked his way up to a senior consultant, currently leading the Arthritis Society project team. This past summer, Marlon worked as an investment banking analyst at TD securities in the Power and Utilities group, and will be working there full-time upon graduation. Marlon participated on an international exchange to Scotland in the Winter 2016 term at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. When Marlon is not at school, you can find him on the slopes skiing, on the baseball diamond or hanging out with friends.

Prag Rajdev, Senior Consultant

Originally from Peterborough, Prag is a third-year Commerce student at Queen's University. Since joining FreshSight in 2015 as a consultant, Prag has worked his way up to a senior consultant, currently leading the Norther Frontenac Community Services project team. This past summer, Prag worked as a risk management summer intern at Canada Mortage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), and has a strong interest in pursuing a career in the financial sector. Prag is excited to take part in an international exchange to Spain in the Winter 2017 term at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Madrid, Spain. When Prag is not at school, you can find him in the gym working out, at the courts playing basketball, or hanging out with friends.

Christine Chen, Marketing Coordinator, Consultant

Christine is a second year Commerce student. This is her second year on FreshSight, advancing from the role of Consultant to a dual role of Consultant and Marketing Director. Her other involvements on-campus include being the Workshops Coordinator for Queen’s Conference on Business & Technology and working as a Bounce Back Mentor through Student Academic Success Services. In past summers, Christine worked as an IT business analyst at a non-profit and as a digital marketing intern at a start-up in Beijing. To unwind, Christine enjoys skiing, drawing, and playing the piano.

Consultant Team

Consultants are the heart and soul of FreshSight, working on the front lines to deliver quality and strategic solutions to our valued clients.

Jessica Barford, Consultant

Jessica is a fourth year Commerce student and a very active member of the Queen’s community. She is one of the captains of the Queen’s Tennis Team and also a member of the International Business conference executive. Last year, Jessica completed an exchange semester in Sweden and was able to travel to 18 countries across Europe and Africa. She is very passionate about travelling, sports, and music. Over the past three summers, she has completed summer internships in finance at BMO and CI Financial. Jessica is looking forward to partnering with more impactful organizations this semester.

Anuj Anora, Consultant

Anuj is in his fourth year at Queen's studying Applied Economics. Aside from being an Advisor on Freshsight, Anuj is the Co-Founder of Innovate Queen's - the university's hub for entrepreneurs and innovators. Furthermore, he is the Sponsorship Team Lead of QHacks - Queen's University's annual hackathon. Last summer, Anuj interned at the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada alongside Freshsight's fearless leader, Alex and upon graduation, he will be working as a Management Consulting Associate for Accenture. Anuj is an avid sports fan and has watched the movie, Space Jam, so many times that he can quote every word.

Ryan Saunders, Consultant

Ryan in is his second year at Queen's in the Commerce program. This is Ryan's first year on FreshSight, where he is working as a consultant, aiding his team in developing innovative and effective strategies. Last summer, Ryan completed an Internship at the Britsh Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) working in the finance division. Ryan plans on pursuing both consulting and finance related roles in the coming years. When he is not working with FreshSight, Ryan enjoys skiing and spending time with his family and friends. Ryan is looking forward to continuing his work with FreshSight in the coming months and helping non-profit organizations achieve their strategic objectives.

Diyang Lu, Consultant

Diyang is a third year Queen’s Commerce student who is also pursuing a degree in computer science. This is his first year as a consultant on FreshSight, where he is facilitating the development of a social enterprise for a First Nations organization. On campus, Diyang is also the sponsorship director for the Queen’s Economics Case Conference and a researcher for startup companies on Wonder. He will be moving to Toronto this summer to join the Risk Advisory team at Deloitte. In his spare time, Diyang is a keen follower of tennis and hockey, and will never say no to a jog around Queen’s’ beautiful campus.

Julian Sconza, Consultant

Julian is a fourth year Politics student. This is his first year on FreshSight. His experience working for FreshSight thus far has given him the chance to interact with grassroots businesses. Julian's role as a consultant allows him to implement strategies that will help grow his clients' business in an effective manner. This past summer, Julian worked for ServiceOntario, and implemented strategies that cut wait times in one of the offices. Julian also heads the volunteer division of Marco's Way Tribute Fund, a small charity with ties to SickKids Hospital that has raised over $350,000 dollars for childhood cancer research. In his spare time, Julian reads up on current events, enjoys being active, and spending time with friends.

Ehtisham Khan, Consultant

Ehtisham is a first-year Queen’s Commerce student. This is his first year as a consultant on FreshSight Queen’s, where he is assisting the Arthritis Society. Ehtisham likes to get involved on clubs around campus and recently attended the DECA Queen’s conference. In his spare time, he enjoys watching TV, playing basketball and spending time with friends. Ehtisham is looking forward to continue working with FreshSight and help continue the great work they are doing!

Victoria Beale, Consultant

Victoria is a first-year Commerce student at Queen's. Originally from Guelph she then lived in South Carolina for four years before moving back to Canada. With a special interest in the non-for-profit sector, especially in the medical industry, she hopes to gain valuable experience working on a variety of projects. Her first project with FreshSight is working alongside Red Squirrel Conservation in efforts to improve their marketing platform. When not hard at work you can find her horseback riding or relaxing at the cottage.

Josh Lampen, Consultant

Josh is a third year commerce student originating from Cape Town, South Africa, before eventually settling in Vancouver, BC. His academic passions include finance and consulting, with other interests like athletics, fitness, and music. Looking to pursue a career in consulting, Josh is beyond excited to have the opportunity at FreshSight to develop his analytical skills in real-world situations. This is his first year on FreshSight, where he is currently consulting Northern Frontenac Community Services on their upcoming rebrand. When he's not doing school work, you can find Josh mixing music or watching basketball.

Richard Chu, Consultant

Richard grew up in Mississauga, Ontario. Currently at Queen’s University in Kingston, Richard is in his second year of studying in the Commerce program. He has a keen passion for case competitions, borne from his involvement in DECA in high school, and continuing into his university career. In the future, he looks to pursue a career in management consulting, where he can apply the analytical mindset he has developed. Besides cases, he also has an avid interest in the non-profit sector. As a consultant for FreshSight, Richard has the amazing opportunity to combine two of his biggest passions in working for a great cause. Richard is absolutely thrilled to be working with his team and Northern Frontenac this semester.

Travis Liu, Consultant

Originally from Shanghai, China, Travis moved to Oakville, ON when he was 14 years old with his family. Travis is now a second year Commerce student, and this is his first year on FreshSight working as a consultant. Over the summer, Travis interned at Accenture Strategy in its Shanghai office and followed two full projects servicing a Fortune 500 American pharmaceutical corporation. Travis assisted the project teams with in-depth data analysis, content developments and client communications. Travis plans on pursuing a consulting or legal career in the future. Travis enjoys studying international affairs, fashion critiques and designs, playing musical instruments and oil painting.

Sydney Guan, Consultant

A Kingston native, Sydney is entering his second year of studies at the Smith School of Business. This is his first year on FreshSight, where he is excited to furthur develop his problem solving skills and make a positive impact for clients. He is also involved with DECA Queen’s as their Speakers Coordinator. This past summer, Sydney worked at Empire Life Insurance Company within the Corporate Accounting division. In his spare time, Sydney enjoys watching the Raps game and playing the violin

John Davis, Consultant

John is a second year Commerce student. New to FreshSight, he is excited to work on the web marketing strategy of a local non-profit. John is interested in learning about finance, strategy, and the exciting challenges faced by startups. In his free time, you can find him playing soccer or cheering on his favorite team, Manchester United.

Nikki Karski, Consultant

Originally hailing from Florida, Nikki is a second year Commerce student. This is her first year as a consultant on FreshSight; currently, she is aiding in the conception of a social development project for a local organization. Apart from FreshSight, Nikki works as a Research Assistant at the Smith School of Business and is the Diversity and Inclusion Officer within the Commerce Society. This past summer, she worked at a nature reserve in South Florida as a research intern. In her spare time, Nikki enjoys playing the guitar, reading up on medieval history, and going for a good hike.