Seize the Week

A Volunteer uplift and social media strategy for an international humanitarian and development agency

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

The Problem

We worked with an annual, week-long fundraiser led by a humanitarian and development agency that raises millions for children globally but faced issues with volunteer engagement and inaction. The issues were due to the international scope (8 countries, spanning several continents) leading to gaps between chapters, an inconsistent brand image on social media, and low participant conversion rates.

The Solution

The FSQ team created recommendations to increase conversion and engagement rates by tackling volunteer inaction and chapter inconsistencies through social media. Industry experts; thought leaders in entrepreneurship, social media, and digital marketing were spoken to in order to address the client’s international presence and passionate team members.

The Impact

The team divided into relevant groups to tackle each of the client’s issues after understanding the industry. The recommendations were presented with rationale and an implementation plan, and received positive feedback from the client, who plans to put our ideas into action. The collaboration was successful in helping the client continue creating an international impact.

Let’s build something great together.

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