These Boots Were Made For Thrifting

A Strategy Reform for a local Thrift Store

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

The Problem

In early 2022, FreshSight partnered with a newly established thrift store to help get the organization off the ground and running. The clients ask: develop an optimal employee schedule and update store hours to maximize revenues and reduce costs while also increasing foot traffic in stores.

The Solution

Upon conducting a series of in-person store visits, the FSQ team developed insights to propel the project forward. Through the use of primary and secondary data and competitive analysis on the discount retail market in the local area, FreshSight established an employee staffing model and schedule that adapted to the business’ hourly, daily, and seasonal fluctuations. The team also created a robust marketing and sales strategy, recommending improvements to the store’s layout to maximize conversions and draw in customers.

The Impact

As part of our mission at FSQ, we strive to provide impact-driven recommendations to support the goals of each organization we have the pleasure of working with. Through this project specifically, we were able to deliver recommendations that the client successfully implemented to optimize their business and strategic operations. This has led to a continuous working relationship with FSQ supporting them on some of their pressing issues.

Let’s build something great together.

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