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Our Services

Brand Strategy

We provide corporate, business, and functional-level business strategy planning to aid your company in identifying and moulding business objectives.

Industry Analysis

We provide services such as perceiving and leveraging competitive opportunities, or identifying and preventing market risks to ensure your company is well-informed when making business decisions.

Value Proposition Management

Having a competitive value proposition is the foundation of a strong marketing strategy. FreshSight Queen’s can build the best donor profile, value map, and the strongest value proposition to maximize donations.

Web Design

People often search for websites to look for more information about an organization. Our team of consultants can help build an informative, easy-to-navigate, website to maximize the impact of the information that matters.

Brand Innovation

Branding is essential in differentiating your company from competitors. Our team of consultants are both creatively and technically trained to increase the value perception of your brand.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is important when making any business decision. FreshSight Queen’s can evaluate specific projects or ideas against a budget, or do a broader analysis of past internal finances to identify trends and opportunities.

Donor Targeting and Retention Plans

Donors are important to any non-profit organization. We can help to identify which segments to target to outreach efforts in addition to building plans to retain existing donors.

Social Media Management

Leveraging social media to reach new audiences has become increasingly popular amongst non-profit organizations. FreshSight Queen’s can help build a social media strategy to best promote your brand and reach your target audience.


“I was contacted by a representative of Fresh Insight in the late summer. I was excited to learn that our organization was chosen as a likely candidate for the consultation of a Fresh Insight group. However, I did not anticipate the professionalism and breadth of information that was going to be shared with me. The group that worked with me was very professional and knowledgeable. I will be implementing all of the suggestions that they had advised us on. Such a valuable and wonderful experience.”

― Anonymous Client

“Firstly, in the beginning I was a little intimidated speaking to the group. I’m “old school” retail with a very limited background in social media marketing. So, having young people with a business acumen plan, what I thought would help me in my journey with our new NFP business, was incredible. The team took my needs, and grew an outstanding package with which I will be implementing immediately. Some of the ideas may take some convincing with our Board of Directors, but I feel more confident speaking about the ideas. I would recommend this group, and FreshSight to any Non-profit organization struggling with growing their business.”

― Anonymous Client